Why is everyone losing so much hair right now? Here’s what experts have to say

The subject of hair loss can be an uncomfortable one for many, regardless of its cause. If your client comes in discussing an unprecedented hair loss phase, it could be a result of chronic stress caused by the ongoing pandemic. Reports of hair loss since March have been rising, and a certified trichologist has attributed the ‘physiological stress’ associated with Covid-19 to be a key player in this.

Temporary hair loss caused by a shock to the system is referred to as ‘telogen effluvium’, and usually begins several months after a stressful experience. Added to this, a lack of sunlight can also affect hair loss – with vitamin D being essential for healthy hair. Fortunately, telogen effluvium is a reversible process and may be reduced by maintaining low-stress levels. If your client comes in discussing hair loss, it could well be that they have read this article.

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