Aroma-Mouse with UK Adapter


This diffuser can be used at work, in the home, or taken travelling.


For use around the home to create an inviting & relaxing atmosphere.

Simply pour a small amount of your preferred Absolute Aromas essential oil or blend onto the supplied refill pads and insert into the diffuser.

This diffuser can be used to:

Help concentration in stressful work environments.

Ease breathing during winter seasons.

Naturally deodorise the bathroom or kitchen.

Encourage restful sleep at bedtime.



Aroma Mouse

Mains Adapter

5 Refill pads

This product can be either mains operated, or used with 4 x AA batteries.

This discreet and portable electric diffuser is perfect for diffusing Absolute Aromas essential oils; ideal for use around the home, and ideal for using on your desk!

Please note, this is not a computer mouse.


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