Prunus Elixir 200ml


Certified organic fruit juice drink with wild-grown blackthorn sloes.
All the energy from a year’s growth in the wild, bottled in a power-packed tasty drink for your family.

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First to blossom, longest to ripen, growing sweeter in the frost. The blackthorn is a naturally potent bush with a patient and slow-developing harvest. Weleda gathers fresh, wild-grown sloes and gently sweetens them with organic raw sugar. We add just a twist of bio-dynamically grown lemon juice, for a totally tasty elixir bringing you natural energy.

Suitable for vegetarians. NOT suitable for diabetics.

Organic raw sugar, distilled water, Prunus spinosa – controlled wild collection, Organic lemon juice.
Made in the UK.

How to use:
Dilute a tablesoonful in cold or warm water, milk or yoghurt two or three times a day.


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